World’s First B2B Only Tote

What is the Global Tote

A game changer for bookmakers, punters and racing bodies, delivering new revenue streams from international markets
Licensed in Alderney to operate a Global B2B tote system

The Global Tote is a world-first wholesale tote that combines the liquidity from markets around the world.

The conduit between corporate bookmakers and racing bodies globally.

It provides an opportunity for Racing Bodies to expand their products internationally while maintaining integrity and at the same time, gaining added revenues from international markets.

The Global Tote is a new breed tote system without restrictions on size of events and entrants meaning that in addition to racing products, the Global Tote can operate on major sporting events such as The Tour De France, US Open Golf, Wimbledon tennis and many other major sporting and racing events.

What racing industry experts say

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Global Tote Stakeholders

Recreational Punters

Lower margin products
resulting in better dividends.
No restrictions placed on punters.
More products and content to bet on.
Higher liquidity in pools.

Wagering Operators

Reduces operating costs.
Simplifies data and content feeds.
No winning clients – low risk product.
Offer competitive products.

Racing Bodies

Receive revenues from all operators.
Improves integrity through transparency.
Access to global operators.
Increases awareness of products.
Fosters growth of the sport.