World’s First B2B Only Tote

What is The Global Tote ?
A game changer for AWOs, punters and racing bodies

World’s first B2B Tote designed to be the conduit between AWOs and racing/sporting bodies globally.

Single pool hosting to maximise tote betting ‘snowball effect’ and connect punters from all around the world.

Licensed as a Tote in the UK and the US (North Dakota).

Lightweight and modern technology to enable for swift scalability, quick API integrations and new product creation.

Distribution Model

Racing Bodies

Approval process for each AWO that offers The Global Tote products. Racing bodies to grant distribution rights to vision of their racing product globally.

Wagering Operators

Provide their customers access to racing content from around the world.

The Global Tote

Provide AWOs with tote for risk free returns, fixed odds, derivatives and exotics as well as premium informatics like speed maps, race overviews and runner comments to stimulate turnover.
What The Global Tote can deliver
to racing bodies


Instantly add revenue to racing bodies through distribution across AWOs globally.

Revenue Streams

New revenue streams for racing bodies with share of currently untapped overseas wagering on existing racing body products.

Increased Sustainability

Help racing bodies increase sustainability through new revenue sources.

New Product Creation

First to market with new innovative wagering products and premium racing informatics to stimulate turnover.
What The Global Tote can deliver
to AWOs

The Global Tote Products

The Global Tote win/place betting, The Global Tote exotics, super exotics, fixed odds, fixed odds exotics and derivative markets.

Premium Informatics

Runner comments customised to operator, race overview customised to jurisdictions, speed maps, ratings and tips.

24/7 Racing

The Global Tote to offer a variety of wagering products across multiple racing jurisdictions around the world.

The Global Tote Partners

The Global Tote is an Approved Wagering Operator

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